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Combined Export & Import Procedures

This course is designed for those who want an overview of both Export and Import procedures and work in international trade, either exporting or importing.  It does not cover the level of detail provided in the Export and Import courses therefore there may be a need for delegates to then consider a follow on more detailed course.

The agenda and course objectives are as follows:

  • Review of the export process to include:
    • Incoterms® 2020, Insurance, Methods of Payment, Commodity Codes, Origin of the Goods
    • Quotation, Order Acknowledgment & Pro Forma Invoice
    • Packing – Guidelines and Rules
    • Shipping Documents
    • Booking Freight and Transport Documentation
    • Proof of Export – Evidential Requirements
  • Review of the import process to include:
    • Product Considerations, Incoterms, Method of Transport, Documentation, Costs and Contract
    • Providing the Purchase Order
    • Booking the Shipment and Clearance Agents
    • Import Clearance, Documentation, Import Duties and Import Declarations
    • Introduction to Special Procedures

How will I learn?

This is a hands-on practical course designed to give you the knowledge you need to consider embarking on your international trade journey.

Time and Cost?

A full day engaging course from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

Learn from the Experts

Exporter Services has been empowering businesses to import and export successfully for over 10 years. We offer straightforward, no-nonsense learning to enable you to navigate international trade confidently.

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