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A Beginner’s Practical Guide to Importing

By the end of July 2023 imports to the UK had risen by 8.6% on the previous year2. Many businesses would like to import more raw materials, parts and products directly so that they can develop and grow. We are experts in importing efficiently and ensuring compliance so let us show you how to do it successfully.

Who should attend?

This course is a comprehensive guide suitable for businesses looking to import or beginners who are new to an import role.

What will I learn?

This practical course covers everything you need to know to import safely and securely whilst fulfilling all your legal duties.

Specifically we cover:

  • Import Definition and the Process Flow
  • Getting Ready to Import to include
    • Commodity Codes
    • Origin
    • Incoterms
    • Goods Valuation to include Duties/Taxes
  • Documentation
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing Lists
    • Preference Documents
  • Shipping Methods & How to Request a Shipping Quotation
  • Information for a Shipping Quotation
  • Booking the Shipment and Clearance Instructions
  • Seller Managing the Shipment
  • Import Declarations – the Basics
  • Record Keeping and Checks

How will I learn?

This is a step-by-step practical workshop created to give you the knowledge you need to run your import activity smoothly.


Half-day engaging workshop from 9.30am to 12.30pm, or afternoon slot.

Learn from the Experts

Exporter Services has been empowering businesses to import successfully for over 10 years. We offer straightforward, no-nonsense learning to enable you to feel confident in your new import skills.

Are you ready to work with us?