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‘discuss best practise’ and ‘get a second opinion’


What was the reason for using Exporter Services Helpdesk service, what problem was it looking to solve?

With changes with the UCC and our growth with Exports , we wanted a source where we could get confirmation regarding Delivery Terms/Export Paperwork/Raising EUR 1’s and general advice on the Markets we were Exporting to in order to be Customs compliant.

When the decision was made how did you go about looking for a supplier?

Our HO International had an introduction to Lesley Bachelor at an event , it was decided to have an initial meet and greet.

How did you find out about Exporter Services? And why did you choose them?

Through the introduction.

How long have you been working with Exporter Services?

One year.

What service does Exporter Services provide to you and how does this help you reach your business goals? what are the benefits? what problems do they solve?

The telephone service enables us to discuss scenarios regarding best practise with a clear response or get a second opinion on advice previously given.  Exporter Services raise our EUR1 certificates which has been extremely helpful.

What are Exporter Services like to work with? what would you say are the strengths of the Exporter Services Team?

Knowledgeable able to respond in a timely manner – user friendly.

How do they go the ‘extra mile’ – give an example?

I have mainly dealt with Anna Doherty she is excellent and very knowledgeable , we recently enquired about Customs regulations on Customs Warehousing/AEO and was provided with all of the correct notices.

Why would you recommend Exporter Services to someone else, i.e. if someone called you, what would you say?


Now that you have been working with Exporter Services for a year, what has the relationship been like?

I feel very comfortable phoning up and discussing Imp/Exp queries.

Steven Toovey, Import / Export Manager

Mint Velvet

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