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‘response times to customers much quicker’

Exporter Services undertake all of our export freight bookings and paperwork, from the simplest of DHL shipments into Europe up to the more complex shipments requiring inspections and specialist paperwork into locations like Nigeria, Senegal etc.

We have linked IT infrastructure and our stores department works seamlessly with them to advise when packages are ready. Our companies have a good mutual interaction so we pre-plan key shipments even before they are packed and ready to ship.

Exporter Services prepare all shipping documentation as required for a smooth shipping process. This could be for FCA shipments where they liaise with our customers shippers or for all other shipments where we have shipping responsibility. Where we do have shipping responsibility, they arrange the quotations, selection and booking of freight forwarders.

In addition, they offer specialist advice on more complex shipments, e.g. non standard container sizes, specialist packaging requirements and dual-use export control.

This has taken a significant workload from our process and made our response times to customers much quicker. Generally, shipments progress with fewer issues but in instances where shipping issues do inevitably arise, they are extremely prompt to deal with them. Their customer interaction is excellent.

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Stuart Milton, Managing Director



‘our export operations function seamlessly and our customers receive their goods on time and as efficiently as possible’



‘exporting a minefield….Exporter Services always been there for us’


‘all declarations made correctly….weight off our mind’

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