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Exporter Services ‘helped us to build our Export Business’

What was the reason for using Exporter Services Helpdesk service, what problem was it looking to solve?

I had attended an Exporting workshop at the Leicester Chamber of Commerce ran by Stephen Townsley in 2011. I called the helpline when we had a problem with Turkish Customs not releasing a consignment. Sue had taken over from Steve and she helped me sort out the problem and we have been in contact ever since!

What service does Exporter Services provide to you and how does this help you reach your business goals? what are the benefits? what problems do they solve?

We have used Exporter Services for Certificates of Origin and ATRS as well as an overwhelming range of queries from across the world; assistance with supplying customers with the right documentation for applying for import licences, advice on shipping and general do’s and don’ts when entering a new market. We would not have been able to tap into this kind of knowledge anywhere else!

What are Exporter Services like to work with? what would you say are the strengths of the Exporter Services Team?

Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, consistent. The team really understand the issues an SME has when tackling exporting. They give you no nonsense advice, cutting through the reams of blurb any of the official websites bombard you with. This saves time and gives confidence at the same time.

How do they go the ‘extra mile’ – give an example?

I refer back to my initial contact with Sue when I had my back to the wall with a consignment stuck in Turkish Customs. She provided expert help and assistance when I needed it most, at this point we had not got any trading history she did not know me but worked extremely hard to get me out of a tight spot. After that there was no contest. I said to myself Exporter Services are the ones to help us to build our Export Business – And they have!

Why would you recommend Exporter Services to someone else, i.e. if someone called you, what would you say?

They will answer all of your exporting needs and give you the confidence to venture forth!

Now that you have been working with Exporter Services for 7 years, what has the relationship been like?

Fantastic! We have a very close working relationship with Sue and her team.

Sue Hendry
Happy Pet Products Ltd.



‘our export operations function seamlessly and our customers receive their goods on time and as efficiently as possible’



‘exporting a minefield….Exporter Services always been there for us’


‘all declarations made correctly….weight off our mind’

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