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‘don’t change anything – it works perfectly for us’

An interview with Karen Millard where we posed the following questions:

What was the reason for using Exporter Services? What problem was it looking to solve?

We identified a skills gap in our business so joined the Institute of Export and International Trade. A training course via them was delivered by Sue Wright

How long have you been working with Exporter Services?

Just over a year

What service does Exporter Services provide to you and how does this help you reach your business goals? what are the benefits? what problems do they solve?

Exporter Services do all of our booking out for non UK deliveries, ensuring that our business is fully compliant with laws and regulations

What are Exporter Services like to work with? what would you say are the strengths of the Exporter Services Team?

The Team are so knowledgeable, and pass this knowledge on very well to any of our staff that are asking questions

How do they go the ‘extra mile’ – give an example?

Assistance with licence applications – particularly Saudi ! it’s not just a ‘fill this form in’ the explanation is full and relevant

Why would you recommend Exporter Services to someone else, i.e. if someone called you, what would you say?

In a heartbeat I would recommend – the staff are a delight to liaise with and provide full peace of mind knowing we are fully compliant

Now that you have been working with Exporter Services for the last year, what is the relationship been like?

The relationship is excellent – I cannot recall anytime that it hasn’t been

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Don’t change anything – it works perfectly for us 😊

Karen Millard



‘our export operations function seamlessly and our customers receive their goods on time and as efficiently as possible’



‘exporting a minefield….Exporter Services always been there for us’


‘all declarations made correctly….weight off our mind’

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