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Beginners Guide to Export – ‘so beneficial to go “back to basics”‘

Going back to the basics for training seems to be the way forward!

‘I recently attended the Beginner’s Practical Guide to Exporting course, and after a year in my current role I really wish I had been on this course sooner! It was so beneficial to go ‘back to basics’ and I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities now.

Information I learned at the course was applied to my work straight away. It is so easy to learn how to do a certain task at work, and do it routinely without really understanding why you do it in that way in the first place. Now, thanks to Sue’s brilliant presentation of this course everything has begun to click into place for me.

Sue was a really friendly, interesting and professional trainer. Sue was also kind enough to email me a copy of the presentation so I can keep going back to refresh my knowledge. I can’t stress enough how useful this Beginners course has been and upon completion I now feel ready to progress to the Export Documentation/ Understanding Export course.’

Hannah Alexander
Toyota Motor Europe



‘our export operations function seamlessly and our customers receive their goods on time and as efficiently as possible’



‘exporting a minefield….Exporter Services always been there for us’


‘all declarations made correctly….weight off our mind’

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