‘all declarations made correctly….weight off our mind’

Customs Export Declarations

Having decided that we would provide a Customs Export Declaration Service, Jointine Products Ltd were our first customer.  Look at the glowing report from them, it makes our job so worthwhile:

“We have been using Exporter Services since the beginning of 2021, and they do export declarations on our behalf.  The team are friendly and efficient and have a wealth of knowledge.  They made initial recommendations regarding the design of our commercial invoices and packing lists to ensure that all the information was captured for customs purposes.  Then after a few ‘dummy runs’ to ensure they were familiar with our processes, they now work seamlessly in the background.  All we have to do is copy them into our transport booking notices.   This comes at around the same price as the transport company would charge, but I no longer have to chase around for proof of export each time.  The bonus is that a monthly spreadsheet confirms that all my declarations were made correctly!  This has been a weight of my mind, for sure.  I highly recommended Exporter Services.”

Jane Smith – Managing Director

Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd.

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