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About Us

Our History

We are passionate about international trade.  Exporter Services was set up in 2009 by Sue Wright. 

We have grown steadily since then and our experienced and adaptable team now provide comprehensive import and export services along with accredited training in International Trade. 

Our Team

Sue Wright, Managing Director, FIEx (Grad)


Sue is the inspiration and driving force behind Exporter Services.

Sue developed her wealth of experience project managing international trade for Engineering and Manufacturing Companies. She ensured HMRC compliance and dealt with multiple parties in cross-border trade movements. Building on her practical knowledge and post graduate study in international trade she decided to launch Exporter Services in 2010.

Delivering training in international trade was her first passion and she continues to enjoy teaching people about import and export. Her experience in training showed her the need for a bespoke support service for SMEs requiring technical support and assistance with international trade and so the Exporter Services helpdesk service was born.

Recently, she has been at the forefront of developing the company’s international trade audit and compliance checks, something which she feels really passionate about, “Businesses often don’t realise that they could be saving money on their export and import processes,” Sue explains. “We visited one business and by studying their systems and paperwork realised that they could improve their compliance and save much more money than it cost for our review – that’s a win-win that I really enjoyed. International trade can be complex which is why it often really pays to seek an expert opinion.

“I just love helping people import and export. Initially, people are often worried about taking on all the complexities, or concerned about understanding what is involved in the procedures. Being able to explain it all to them and seeing them realise that they can do it themselves, or use our helpdesk to get advice when they need it is so rewarding.”

Sue is a Fellow of the Institute of Export and International Trade (FIEx Grad).

Sarah Cutts, Operations Manager

With her vast knowledge of international trade Sarah has the experience to ensure that our work runs smoothly for customers and staff.

“I love the challenge of international trade keeping up with the constant changes.” Explains Sarah, “I also love to solve problems and make the impossible possible.”

Sarah began her career in international trade eight years ago at Exporter Services and we’re very proud of how she has developed her skills and knowledge with us. Working her way through most aspects of international trade over the years, including Dangerous goods and Export Licence controls, she has learnt how to be adaptable, conducting export and import for a myriad of different customers. She also set up and managed some of our biggest outsourced shipping departments, which have now been with us, operating successfully, for over five years.

Sarah is always happy to share her knowledge of international trade and is adept at finding the right solution for any difficult issues that our customers may have.


Amanda ten Bruggencate, Operations Manager, MIEx (Grad)


Amanda manages one of our teams, providing outsourced shipping departments for several clients. With over 15 years’ experience in organising international trade she focuses on helping her team members build their expertise and has an unwavering eye for detail.

“I enjoy working with each member of my team to develop their skills.” Says Amanda. “The sheer variety of companies we work with makes each day different and interesting. We deal with really diverse products from pharmaceuticals to packaging, and each submission is bespoke for that product and client.”

Amanda started her career in International Trade with BAE Systems, working in their shipping department straight from school. She built her skills and studied for a variety of qualifications, enabling her to process dangerous goods for transport and developing a particular expertise in Letters of Credit.

Amanda explains, “I do quite a bit of work on Letters of Credit, which are complex documents dealing with banking and trade regulations to enable companies to trade internationally with confidence. I find it extremely satisfying when we put a Letter of Credit into a Bank and the payment comes through seamlessly, which obviously makes our clients happy too.

“I’ve been with Exporter Services for over six years now. I joined the company after stopping work to focus on my children when they were younger. It can be tricky to balance work and family life, but it is good when you find a role where you are supported and able to get that balance right.”

James Tudor, Training Manager

James joined Exporter Services only two years ago and has had an amazing impact on our training programme.

With a strong education background, including over ten years’ experience as a teacher, James has enjoyed the change from teaching secondary pupils to training people about international trade.

James explains, “The courses themselves are really practical and cover what people need to know. Our training can also provide people with the opportunity to complete the British Chambers of Commerce Foundation Award in International Trade via an assessment after the courses.”

The variety of training topics and regular updates to the requirements for international trade keep James on his toes. He particularly enjoys teaching the Incoterms and Commodity Code Courses.

“It’s really rewarding to be able to help people learn the right processes for their export and import,” says James. “They often think that they may have a few issues, and during the training you can see the lightbulb moments when they realise how to put those problems right which is great for them and their business.”


Marie McIntosh, Operations Manager


Marie joined the company in 2020 and has a background in travel and tourism where she was used to organising complex travel arrangements to tight deadlines.

She has developed her international trade skills and knowledge rapidly over the past four years achieving her Level 3 Certification in Customs Compliance UK.

“I like to challenge myself”, explains Marie. “I regularly look into the detail of Tariffs, and like to understand all the technicalities, so that I know I can advise our customers with certainty on the right course of action. My team deals with a number of clients and I enjoy developing a good rapport with them, it’s really rewarding when they come back to us for more advice and help with their business.”

“Developing our teams is also really important. It’s great to see people extending their skills and wanting to go on courses to grow their knowledge. I think the customers appreciate the expertise of the team and our focus on customer service.”

Why customers choose us

  • Our knowledge base spans over 45 years and covers virtually all aspects of international trade.
  • We are adept at advising our clients on the right way to proceed in a complex environment where the wrong decision can cost time and money.
  • We appreciate the increasing challenges of moving goods, with a rapidly changing international environment, and nothing is more rewarding to us than helping our customers export and import successfully.
  • We work hard to build lasting partnerships with our customers to help them grow their international trade.
  • Our training services enable people to build skills and knowledge.


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