Compliance Health Check

Being compliant with HMRC should be high on the agenda at all levels in a Business

Exporter Services offer a Compliance Health Check for your business; we take a thorough look at your processes, highlight any problem areas and advise on the improvements needed to achieve full compliance with HMRC.

There are often simple things overlooked that are easy to get wrong but are important to get right, for example:

  • What are the rules surrounding zero rated VAT in exports, and are you compliant?
  • Working with Incoterms like FCA can cause more trouble than we bargain for when we aren’t contracting for carriage.
  • Tariff codes play an important part of everyday life in international trade. “Spare parts for….” doesn’t apply to the majority of the equipment that we export. So, if we aren’t entering the right data on our paperwork, how are the entries in CHIEF being made and who’s responsibility is it to ensure they are correct?

There should be no surprises if the process in place is correct, but with so much to consider in the evolving world of international trade it can be hard to keep your processes up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Exporter Services can help ensure your business has nothing to worry about when it comes to compliance.

For more information on compliance with dangerous goods please click here, or for export controls and ITAR regulations please click here.

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