Exporter Services

Exporter Services has a knowledge base spanning over 45 years, covering many aspects of international trade. This vast, dynamic industry is constantly evolving and getting up to speed with the latest requirements for your imports or exports can be a real challenge, especially in an environment where the wrong decision can cost you time and money.

Exporter Services can take the hard work out of shipping and guide your business through any part of the shipping process. With our years of industry experience and expert knowledge we can help answer your queries, from the basics to the complex; we provide support tailored to your needs.

The services and advice we offer cover many aspects of international trade, including the following:

  • Booking Freight
  • Export Documentation Compliance
  • Compliance with HMRC and VAT
  • Export Controls
  • ITAR Regulations
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Import Regimes
  • New Inward Processing Relief (IPR) requirements
  • Payment through Letters of Credit

These are some of the more regular enquiries we deal with, but with such a diverse industry the support we provide covers a wide range, and we will always do our best to find the right solution for you.

Don’t let the horror stories put you off; exporting is the route to success and we will help you get there.