New EU Sanctions against Venezuela

The latest Notice for Exporters 2017/25 from Department of International Trade describes new EU sanctions against Venezuela.

Sanctions were imposed by European Union on 13th November 2017 and the new measures are contained in Council Decision 2017/2074/CFSP and Council Regulation (EU) No 2017/2063.

The sanctions include

  • Arms embargo – including all items from the UK Military List (controlled items having ML number)
  • Prohibition on the supply of equipment which might be used for internal repression
  • Equipment for monitoring communications – A licence will be required for the supply of equipment, technology or software intended primarily for use in the monitoring or interception of internet or telephone communications on mobile or fixed networks in Venezuela
  • There are related prohibitions on the provision of technical assistance, financing and financial assistance, brokering services, and other related services.
  • Financial sanctions

The new sanctions permit Member States to authorise transactions, prohibited by the arms embargo, which concern the execution of a contract or an agreement concluded before 13 November 2017.


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